This service stores and displays the logon - logoff system event


This utility shows the use of ADO abstraction layer with Qt.
You can also use this utility to make queries with all the databases that support Microsoft ADO interface.
Pay attention, this utility is built at 32 bit and to run, it needs the 32 bit ADO driver (normally already installed in the 64 bit operation systems)


Keep aligned 2 or more directories, changes the attributes of a file, flush a directory and in the future more other functions

ComPort Server

TCP to RS232 server or client. Shares one or more RS232 com ports

Computer vision studio

This software implements some computer vision features.
You can manage images, movies and webcams.


Semplice gestionale per organizzare il lavoro dei volontari di Croce Rossa.
Questo programma aiuta nella gestione dei turni, dei mezzi e dei volontari impiegati in Croce Rossa.
Il software è ad uso gratuito.
Qualora nell'usare il software vi accorgiate di qualche malfunzionamento oppure abbiate la necessità di integrarlo con nuove funzioni scrivetemi pure.


Program for run everything as Windows service.
To use it you only have to unzip all in a local system directory, edit the .ini file and then run "InstallAsService.exe".


Electronic music stand (leggio elettronico) for Windows ad Mac OSX


To manage more than one RS232 and TCP connection, similar to Microsoft Hyperterminal


Shutdown and reboot buttons are hidden? Use Shutdown!

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